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Directed by Robert Pejo, Prisma Films. A feature-length documentary about Coleman and his art, with appearances by Hasil Adkins, Jim Jarmusch, and Harold Schechter. Distributed to theaters in New York, Los Angeles, England, France, Austria, Mexico, Japan, and elsewhere.


A film by Ari Roussimoff. Coleman plays a criminologist.


An independent film by Jeri Cain Rossi based on Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” Coleman plays a major role as The Misfit.


Directed by Ari Roussimoff. It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World of the Lower East Side meets Dante’s Inferno. Coleman plays Mephisto. There are cameos by many New York Underground legends including Jack Smith, Nick Zedd, Annie Sprinkle, Kembra Pfahler to name a few.


“Shockumentary” produced by Stuart Shapiro, directed by Harvey Keith. Coleman is featured in a preaching geek performance; filmed at Cuando, in New York, in 1987. (Video release was delayed pending the legal case against Coleman due to his filmed performance here.) Also featured, among others, Lydia Lunch, Karen Finley, and Ann Magnuson.


Produced by RE/search Publications, San Francisco. Andrea Juno interviews five of the featured artists in the Pranks! book, including Coleman, Karen Finley, Boyd Rice, Frank Discussion and Mark Pauline. Features rare footage from early Mombooze-o performances.


Written and directed by Tommy Turner and David Wojnarowicz. Coleman plays Satan to Rockets Redglare’s Jesus.


a film by Manuel DeLanda, co-written by Joe Coleman


Manuel DeLanda-  (1978, 18 minutes, 16mm):

WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF goes gaga in this optically-printed masterpiece featuring a very surprise appearance by Professor Mamboozoo (artist Joe Coleman). Joe Coleman First appearance on film

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