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Joe Coleman and Clayton Patterson
are two artists in this documentary about New York City Artists.


TV episode from German TV, directed by Jörg Buttgereit


Directed by Julian Hobbs. Coleman plays Dr. Moritz Schreber.
“Based on the 1903 journal written by Daniel Paul Schreber, a distinguished German judge, while incarcerated in an asylum under the watch of the obsessive Dr. Emil Flechsig (Bob Cucuzza). Schreber’s insanity was characterized by startling delusions, all chronicled in his journal, including a belief that he directly communicated with God through a secret “nerve language,” and a desire to transform himself into a woman.”

Trailer (Joe is not in the trailer)


A documentary by Angelique Bosio, produced in France. Coleman is featured, along with Lydia Lunch, Richard Kern, and others.


2-disc DVD set. Includes Richard Metzger’s interview with Joe, originally aired on the BBC. Other artists include Norbert Kox and Paul Laffoley.


A documentary about serial killer art collector/dealer Rick Staton by Julian Hobbs. Coleman appears as a talking head, along with his own collection and some of his paintings.


Asia Argento wrote, starred and made her directorial debut in this semi-autobiographical feature about her life as a young Italian film star. She cast Coleman in the role of an American producer based on her own personal traumatic experience with Harvey Weinstein.


Staten Island, NY: M/W/F Video Club. Verité video portrait by Patterson (created in 1989), including excerpts from performances and a brief tour of the subject’s Odditorium of the era; (originally aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network).


Directed by Robert Pejo, Prisma Films. A feature-length documentary about Coleman and his art, with appearances by Hasil Adkins, Jim Jarmusch, and Harold Schechter. Distributed to theaters in New York, Los Angeles, England, France, Austria, Mexico, Japan, and elsewhere.


A film by Ari Roussimoff. Coleman plays a criminologist.


An independent film by Jeri Cain Rossi based on Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” Coleman plays a major role as The Misfit.


Directed by Ari Roussimoff. It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World of the Lower East Side meets Dante’s Inferno. Coleman plays Mephisto. There are cameos by many New York Underground legends including Jack Smith, Nick Zedd, Annie Sprinkle, Kembra Pfahler to name a few.

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