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Interview with Heather Buckley for Special Edition Blu-ray of Born for Hell. (2021) Severin Films.


Limited Edition Blu-ray of Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer with Joe’s original poster art and interview with Heather Buckley


Directed by Anna Mikami. Joe has a cameo as a fictionalized version of himself as an eccentric collector.


Looking into the Eye of the Cyclops with Joe Coleman” DVD extra for Scarlet Diva Blu-ray (2018) Film Movement


Joe is interviewed by writer and traveller Anthony Bourdain, as Tony takes a personal journey through this formerly bohemian New York City neighborhood, as he meets, shares meals and reflects with music, film and art trailblazers including Joe Coleman, Kembra Pfahler and Lydia Lunch


Joe plays the title character in this burlesque horror thriller.


Joe Coleman is interviewed and his paintings appear in this documentary about Carl Panzram, a lifelong prisoner and a hate-filled serial killer. Brutalized in and out of various U.S. state prisons during 20th century America, Panzram unleashed a rampage of revenge that resulted in over 20 murders and countless acts of violent sodomy.


TV documentary directed by Jörg Buttgereit. “Monsterland journeys through time and around the world, exploring diverse monster types, from the origins of the latex monster in devastated postwar Japan to the aliens and serial murderers of 1980s American cinema, and on to the rise of King Kong’s digital descendants in the face of 21st-century terrors.” Joe appears as a talking head.

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