Outlaw Bible of American Art


Alan Kaufman is a critically acclaimed novelist, memoirist, poet and author of the groundbreaking "Outlaw" anthologies. The fourth and latest in the series is The Outlaw Bible of American Art. Documenting movements from the Post-war to the present, it is a revolutionary art world alternative canon of marginalized or famed autodidactic paint-slinging loners who followed their own outrageous, sometimes catastrophic, visions to the heights of fame or the depths of neglect. The Outlaw Bible of American Art is an anthological barbaric yawp that manifestos, essays, interviews and biographies, profiling such artists and moments as Boris Lurie and the NO!art movement, Forrest Bess, Ana Mendieta, Ed Clark, Sue Coe, Joe Coleman, Clayton Patterson, The Guerrilla Art Action Group, David Wojnarowitz, and Jose 'Cochise' Quiles.

You Can't Win


Joe's cover art and illustrations inside.

One on One


Exhibition catalogue from One on One exhibition at KW Institute.

"Alone in the space with the art, one-on-one with a work that was made for the single individual, in a direct and inescapable interaction—intimate and confrontational. The exhibition ONE ON ONE enables the artists to directly address the singular viewer. Individual, self-contained spaces that are specially conceived for the new works and only accessible for one visitor at a time occupy the whole exhibition space of KW."

Edited by: Susanne Pfeffer, KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Size: 38 x 23,5 cm
Pages: 156, numerous illustrations
Text: German/English
Publisher: Koenig Books, London

Joe Coleman: Auto-Portrait


Catalogue for the Simon Dickinson Exhibition of the same name. The catalogue is 60 pages long and includes an interview between Joe Coleman and artist Tom Sachs, 15 large color plates (an image for each piece in the show) and about a paragraph for each work explaining their meaning in the back of the catalogue. Also included are several large, full page detail shots from various works and some great photos of Joe Coleman himself. There is also a timeline of important events in Joe's life, exhibitions, shows, etc.

To order: send a check for $32 (postage paid in USA) to Dickinson Roundell Inc. 19 East 66th Street, New York, NY 10065.

Joe Coleman: Internal Digging


published by KW Institute of Contemporary Art in Berlin Germany to accompany his exhibition May 27-September 2, 2007. 202 pages, color reproductions throughout. Foreward by Susanne Pfeffer, essays by Woodard and Markus Muller. Interview with Joe Coleman by Susanne Pfeffer.

Joe Coleman's Muzzlers, Guzzlers and Good Yeggs


From Publisher's Weekly:
"A pocket-sized hardcover book drawn from various parts of the great American underbelly. Presented with text facing illustrations on each spread, the book consists of four stories based on real people—researched, appropriated and rewritten in the first person by Coleman—that originally appeared in the anthology Blab!, memoirs of the hobos Jack Black and Boxcar Bertha, and tales of the criminal mayhem of two psychopaths. Coleman's recreation of their authorial voices are striking, rueful, philosophical and manic, but what ties them together are are his drawings. Somewhere between Victorian engravings and folk art, they are haunting and macabre. "

Published by Fantagraphics Books

The Mystery of Wolverine Woo-Bait (reprint)


From Fantagraphics books description:
"An amazing one-shot comic by the legendary Joe Coleman! Originally published in 1982 in an ultra-limited self-published edition, this new edition also includes the ultra-rare six-page short story "Highway," which was not included in the original edition! "

(out of print) Published by Fantagraphics Books

The Book of Joe: The Art of Joe Coleman


Hardcover, 206 pages, published by Last Gasp and La Luz de Jesus books. 12.3 x 10.2 x 0.9 inches.
With essays by Anthony Haden-Guest, Rebecca Lieb, Asia Argento, and Jack Sargeant. Keys to the paintings by Katharine Gates and "Bibliografica Colemania" by Don Kennison.

The Book of Joe Limited Edition



The black linen-covered slipcase is gold foil-embossed on front with Joe's "demon and sinner" image from the book (see below, left.)

Limited edition of 139.

$150 plus $15 shipping and handling (UPS insured.)


"The Book of Joe" limited with hand-made etching


For the serious Joe Coleman collector. In addition to the book, the slipcase contains Diseased Shadow-Self, a hand-printed 2-plate aquatint etching produced at Tony Fitzpatrick's studio, Chicago. Limited to 66, sold only inside special limited-edition version of The Book of Joe, 2003. The print may be removed and framed.