A Doorway to Joe: The Art of Joe Coleman

A Doorway to Joe collects over 150 oil paintings and comprehensively illustrated sections and essays about Coleman’s fine art, “lowbrow” art, music career (as front man of the ’70s punk band, the Steel Tips), performance art, and the artist’s “Odditorium,” a private museum where sideshow objects, wax figures, crime artifacts and works of religious devotion live together to form a dark mirror that reflects the alternative side of the American psyche.
Featuring a foreword by museum director Mike McGee, an introduction by musician Tom Waits, and essays by art critics, curators, and impresarios including Rebecca Lieb, Dan Cameron, Nicholas Hall, Darius Spieth, Steven Holmes, Kimiko Hahn, Latitia Ante Delictum, Jonathon Shaw, Monte Beauchamp, Clemens Marschall, and Sara Fortson.
Full-color illustrations throughout

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