The Joe Coleman Portfolio

NY: Bagginer Productions. Ten prints; graphite on paper; 8 x 11 inches. Unbound, collected in plain folder illustrated by Coleman (front: “Atomic Radiation Victim” plus 2 bubbled notations: “White Screams” “Meat Two” [as the portfolio is thus sometimes commonly known]; verso: a contemporary self-portrait above artist’s handwritten “contents”.)

Includes: One: “Storms”; Two: “Suburban Family”; Three: “Angus Grund ‘1961’”; Four: “Maison Joie”; Five: “Rough-Trade Yoot”; Six: “Disgussing the Brogan”; Seven: “Shack Fever”; Eight: “Scuppers Are Human”; Nine: “Someplace in Nowhere”; Ten: “Edward Mumford M.D.” approx. 500 copies printed.

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