Professor Mombooze-o performance


Wooster Gallery, New York, NY.

Where Evil Dwells


Written and directed by Tommy Turner and David Wojnarowicz. Coleman plays Satan to Rockets Redglare’s Jesus. (Video release is censored; at one point a geeking Coleman is pictured on tape with the proverbial black bar over his face.)

Coleman exploding at about 9:30.

Harmful or Fatal If Swallowed


A film by Manuel DeLanda. Joe Coleman wrote and, as voiceover, reads his “Blind Bum Poem” (the film was censored and this scene was later edited out; the filmmaker has referred to the Coleman cut as the “Extra-Strength Tylenol version”).

Professor Mombooze-o at The Kitchen


The Kitchen, New York, NY. First art-world performance as exploding geek Professor Mombooze-o. (See description in essay by Haden-Guest.)

Ten-year high-school reunion


Performance as Doug Sprag, Oceanside, Long Island. Coleman impersonates a deceased class member, exploding and disappearing at the end of the evening. Police arrive to find that the perp has been dead for years.

Raw Nerves: A Lacanian Thriller


a film by Manuel DeLanda, co-written by Joe Coleman

Incontinence: A Diarrhetic Flow of Mismatches


Manuel DeLanda-  (1978, 18 minutes, 16mm):WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF goes gaga in this optically-printed masterpiece featuring a very surprise appearance by Professor Mamboozoo (artist Joe Coleman). Joe Coleman First appearance on film

Uncle Ted’s Ghoul Show


(Pennsylvania cable TV) Coleman cameos on the set as a “monster robot” and Rondo the Self-Decapitating Wonder.

Steel Tips


Coleman performs with The Steel Tips at various nightclubs, strip clubs, bars, a prison, an insane asylum, and a benefit for female alcoholics at a church in the New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania area.

Panhandling performances


Coleman wanders New York City streets as a scarred, one-legged derelict.