Outsider Art Fair Talk: Transgression and Taboo in Outsider Art

Jan 29, 2021 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Featuring Michael Bonesteel, a leading author and expert on Henry Darger, art dealer Marion Harris, who has brought the work of Morton Bartlett to international acclaim, and renowned artist Joe Coleman, this panel, moderated by critic and curator Carlo McCormick, will present a risky conversation on the outré within outsider art, and consider what place this kind of work now occupies in a body politic increasingly defined by a new social consciousness and sensitivity.

Trigger Warning: The material that will be discussed arises from private desires and urges that are not considered appropriate or normal by conventional societal standards. The panel will deal with these issues in a nonjudgemental spirit of tolerance, but is not recommended for those who may find non-hegemonic perspectives on sexuality or violence disturbing.

Image: Henry Darger “At Wickey Sansinia Christians come to rescue,” watercolor, pencil, collage, and carbon tracing on pieced paper, 19 x 44.75 in., c. 1940-1950

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