EXIT Number One, 1984


New York City. 4 pages, pen and ink, including 3-page comic: “Gezzone” (cf. Woolverine Woo-bait), and Son of Sam (under a different name here, Da Merdurer.)

RUMP Winter 81


S. J. Publications, 1981. 4 pages pen and ink: “Last Call.” Cover: They Hung Her (1975).

High Times #71, July 1981


“Moral Remains,” 2-page pen and ink comic. (Reprinted in Best of High Times, volume IV, 1982).

Dope Comix No. 2


Kitchen Sink Enterprises, 1978. 3-page comic, pen and ink: “Kry Kry Cretin.”

Bizarre Sex No. 6


Kitchen Sink Enterprises, 1977. 6-page comic, pen and ink: “Highay” (an “epilogue” to Woolverine Woo-bait and defined therein as “the final conflict.”)

Bizarre Sex No. 5


Kitchen Sink Enterprises. “Forgiven But Still Hungry: A Portfolio of Drawings by Joe Coleman.” 5 pages, including prints from The Joe Coleman Portfolio (plus other such prints of the era) in addition to a one-page comic: “Ecclesiastic Gunfighter.”