Tortures & Torments of the Christian Martyrs


by Rev. Antonio Gallonio. Los Angeles, CA: Feral House, 1989. Frontispiece, full-color (commissioned for this edition): untitled (Christians being martyred), 1989; plus pen and ink illustration (again, Romans torturing Christians; 1989) in subsection “Torturous Illuminations by Contemporary Artists and Loathsome Criminals.”

Blab! #4


Kitchen Sink Press, Summer 1989. “The Wages of Sin” (“a pysche [sic] -searing sermon”) Words & Pictures by Joe Coleman. 5 pages (pencil) plus title page.

EXIT Number Four, 1989


Verso of front cover, 6 card-sized pen and ink portraits: Albert Fish; Henry Lee Lucas; Richard Speck; Ed Gein; Charlie Starkweather; William Heirens. Spread: “Verifiable Nightmares,” examples of the early work (4 prints first published in The Joe Coleman Portfolio).

Blab! #3


Kitchen Sink Press, September 1988. “The Final Days of Paul John Knowles.” Story and Art by Joe Coleman. 21 pages, pen and ink. [Note: promotional poster issued for this number, featuring among else Coleman’s art].

Death Rattle no. 10, April 1987


Princeton, WI: Kitchen Sink. Coleman pen and ink (untitled, 1987) accompanying essay by Wilmon Menard on Somerset Maugham, titled “A Dream of Death”.

EXIT Number Three, 1987


5 pages, pen and ink: “Mutant Romance in the Post Atomic Era” (including 4 full-page [11 x 14 inches] examples of such romance).

Red Tape #6, 1986


Includes one print: “Storms” (from The Joe Coleman Portfolio).

EXIT Number Two, 1985


Issue center spread gatefold: “The Dance of Death” (8 pen and ink allegorical portraits: “The Vain,” “The Wicked,” et al. plus center spread pen and ink; quotes from Scripture throughout.)

Real Fun #1, 1984


Philadelphia. Excerpt from The Mystery of Woolverine Woo-bait, 4 reduced images at one-third of a page.

Red Tape #5 1984


“4 Drawings” (pencil; reprinted in Blab! #4 as “The Wages of Sin”)