The Portable Lower East Side, volume 11, number 1: “Sampling the City”


New York: PLES, 1994. “The Music of Mass Murder” by Joe Coleman (6-page transcription).

All-American Hippie Comix


Princeton, WI: Kitchen Sink Press, 1994 (1995). Numbered limited edition issued, in illustrated boards, followed by trade edition. Reprints Dope Comix Nos. 1–5 (including Coleman from No. 2.)

(You and Your) Big Mouth #3


Fantagraphics Books, December 1993. “Night Sweats.” A Dream of Joe Coleman; a Comic Strip of Pat Moriarity; and Ink Study of Gene Fama.

“Crackpots & Visionaries” trading cards


produced by WFMU 91.1 FM, New Jersey, 1992. (premium for listener contributors) Coleman contributes his portrait of St. John the Baptist: #28 (of 36).

Blab! #7


Kitchen Sink Press, Winter 1992. “Boxcar Bertha: An Autobiography.” Adapted and Illustrated by Joe Coleman. 16 pages, pen and ink.

Taboo #7


SpiderBaby Grafix/Tundra, 1992. 4-page comic, pen and ink: “A Good Christian.” Front cover art: American Gothic, 1982.

Blab! #6


Kitchen Sink Press, Summer 1991. “You Can’t Win: The Autobiography of Jack Black.” A True Tale, Adapted & Drawn by Joe Coleman. 18 pages, pen and ink.

National Lampoon February 1990


“Perception. Reality.” (Initial appearance of this seminal pseudo-advertisement [pp. 30—31] featuring Coleman with bloody dead fowl as the “reality” as opposed to Jann Wenner’s [understood as the middle-brow middle road] “perception”).

New York Press vol. 3, no. 13 (Comics Issue)


March 30, 1990. “Fear” A Collaboration by Joe Coleman & Richard Hoehler. A single inked portrait illustration accompanying the story; plus small line drawing to issue cover’s pull-quote tease.

Blab! #5


Kitchen Sink Press, Summer 1990. cover: Barbary Coast at the Turn of the Century (1989). “Carl Panzram #31614.” A True Tale Adapted & Drawn by Joe Coleman. 22 pages, pen and ink. “The Joe Coleman Interview” by Monte Beauchamp.