Selected Press

“Hellhound On My Trail”

Chemical Imbalance, Vol. 2, #1, 1989

Interview by Mike McGonigal and Steve Cerio. back cover: Our Abortion (1984).

"The Exploding Man"

Toxic Horror

December 1989, First issue.

“Life Is a Killer”

Village Voice
1988 May 10

by C. Carr

“Ich Schneide Dir Die Titter Ab!”

TNT (Munich)
1988 April

Article featuring a “separated at birth”–like pair of photos of Coleman and Charles Manson.

“Star Noir”

Cover Magazine
1988 April

Cover photo of Joe's ex-wife, Nancy.

“Joe Coleman”

RE/Search #11: Pranks!

Interview by Andrea Juno

“Geek Cartoonist.”

High Times
1984 February