Selected Press

The Horrible Happy Life of Joe Coleman

Los Angeles CityBeat

But is it Outsider Art?

Reason magazine

Article discusses the controversy over Coleman being banned from the Outsider Art Fair.

“Scary Monsters and Super-Creeps: The Second Coming of Joe Coleman”

Juxtapoz 24, January/February 2000

by Jim Knipfel. Cover: A Picture from Life’s Other Side (1998)

A Vision of Happiness

Baltimore Sun

Article about the Coleman/Ward wedding at American Visionary Art Museum,

“At Home with Joe Coleman: The Living Is Queasy”

New York Times August 26, 1999

by William L. Hamilton

“Persistencia del Dolor: Los ‘paisajes humanos’ de Joe Coleman”

MEDICO Interamericano June 1999

by Javier Martínez de Pisón (Published by the Spanish American Medical Information Communications Corp. in Wayne, NJ) cover: detail, The Glory That Was Once New York (1994).

At Home With Joe Coleman

New York Times

“Notes Towards: A Map of Devil Anse Hatfield / A Map of Joe Coleman.”

Suture: The Arts Journal volume one, October 1998

Interview re. Devil Anse Hatfield (1996) with Jack Sargeant. back cover, inside: full-color reproduction Devil Anse Hatfield.

Coleman's Use of Text in Painting

Poliester, volumen 7 número 23 Fall 1998

Feature article by Carlo McCormick on Coleman’s use of text in painting. Cover: The Man Who Walked Through Walls (1995)

“The Great Exploding Artist”

The (London) Independent May 19, 1998