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at Conference, Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY. Coleman resurrects Professor Mombooze-o to get in touch with the Spirit-God of Explosives for his painting The Big Bang Theory. The remains of the shirt worn during this performance are later incorporated into the painting.


The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore on 11/11/00. Marriage as spectacle, celebration, and performance art. Trapeze artists, dwarves, sword swallowers, guests in costume, and catered delicacies— only of foods with their heads still attached. A ventriloquist’s dummy performed the ritual.

Click HERE to view a slideshow of the wedding.


Coleman performs as a sideshow barker at Coney Island during filming of R.I.P: Rest in Pieces


at a parking lot in Venice Beach, CA. (A scheduled performance at The Bridge, in Los Angeles, was stopped by the Fire Department, animal rights groups, and the police. Coleman spread the word that the audience could see him do the performance by the light of car headlights at the public beach.)


Boston Film and Video Foundation, Boston, MA. (Whereat Coleman is arrested for possessing an “infernal machine”.)


Yale University, New Haven, CT.


Hotel Amazon, New York, NY. (A “midnight horror show” featuring the Professor, see Anthony Haden-Guest essay in The Book of Joe.)


Coleman as “Mad Dog” performs with Steel Tips, The Uncle Floyd Show (New Jersey cable TV)


Cuando Theater, New York, NY.


Wooster Gallery, New York, NY.


Written and directed by Tommy Turner and David Wojnarowicz. Coleman plays Satan to Rockets Redglare’s Jesus.


The Kitchen, New York, NY. First art-world performance as exploding geek Professor Mombooze-o. (See description in essay by Haden-Guest.)

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