Catalogue Raisonné

A comprehensive list of every Joe Coleman painting since 1978.
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Joaquin Murieta

Acrylic on panel in hand painted frame 15.25 x 18.25 inches
William Leroy and Lorraine Leckie

Father of my Mother

Acrylic on Found Panel
Collection of David and Beth Angelo

Indian Larry's Wild Ride

Acrylic on panel with welded metal frame, 111.8 x 120.7 cm
Collection of Mark Parker

Muzzlers, Guzzlers and Good Yeggs

Acrylic on board (used for cover of book of the same name)
Collection of D. B. Denholtz

Tenebrae for Gesualdo

Acrylic on panel, 91.4 x 71.1 cm.

Published in "Internal Digging" Catalog

The Cartin Collection

War Triptych

Acrylic on panel, 27 x 30 in.
Collection of Dana and Dot Brunson

As You Look into the Eye of the Cyclops, So the Eye of the Cyclops Looks into You

Acrylic on masonite, mixed media console, audio soundtrack, mounted on smoking jacket worn in film, 66 x 37.5 x 21 in. (in console) 30 x 30 in. (painting only).
Collection of Joe Coleman and Whitney Ward

Crash Kid Did it for Osama

Acrylic on panel, 19 x 12 in.
Henry Boxer Collection

I Am Joe's Fear of Disease

Acrylic on panel, with medical paraphernalia, mounted on hospital gown, 34x40 in.
The Cartin Collection

And a Child Shall Lead Them [Mary Bell]

Acrylic on panel, mounted on a schoolgirl’s dress, 28 x 34 in.
Collection of Joe Coleman and Whitney Ward