Latest reviews of Joe's Auto-Portrait Show at Dickinson

"A New “Old Master” shows in NYC: Joe Coleman Auto-Portrait"
by Robert Marbury of Marbury writes: "Studying Joe’s paintings in his books and online is spectacular. But seeing his work in person is shocking. At the opening of his Auto-Portrait exhibition at Dickinson Gallery in NYC, I felt the same haunted way I felt viewing Lenin’s Tomb in the Red Square twenty years ago. I wanted to just sit in the dark and just study each and every line."

Carlo McCormick's article COLEMAN'S ODDITORIUM in McCormick writes: "What makes this artist so spectacular in his epic vision of atrocity, however, is how profoundly personal it is. What qualifies him in that dubious rarefied realm we reserve for the likes of de Sade or Genet is that Joe Coleman truly means it -- he lives and feels this terrifying travesty of being with every waking nightmarish moment and conveys it with a conviction and intensity that is inescapable."