Into the Night with Jim Rose and Joe Coleman

December 22, 2016

TV Broadcast (France & Germany):
Wednesday, 28 December at 0.45 am
Online from 26 December to 27 March 2017

Jim Rose (of Jim Rose Circus Sideshow) meets his favorite artist, Joe Coleman, in his hometown of Nantes.

Both are circus enthusiasts. Rose is renowned for reviving the freak show in the ’90s. Since childhood, Coleman has been fascinated by the dark side of the circus world and the midway.

Nantes proves a perfect meeting place for the two fans of the fantastic. They marvel at the mechanical giant elephants on “Machine Island,” meet the hologram artist Pierrick Sorin and visit the Jules Verne Museum. They also visit the Chapidock circus school.

Coleman and Rose: Two men looking back on extreme lives full of excess.
Premieres Dec 27, 2016

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