Coleman participates in Panel Discussion on Time and Outsider Art

January 17, 2016

As part of the New York Outsider Art Fair, Coleman participates in a panel discusion
January 19, 2016 at NeueHouse.


“Time moves differently in the world of outsider art. We often expect mainstream artists we respect to evolve and progress over time. In the outsider art realm, however, many artists expand upon a single vision obsessively for an entire lifetime. What external factors contribute to the freezing of time in this particular artistic arena? What roles do setting, state of mind, modes of perception and isolation play in artistic evolution? “Killing Time: The Chronology of Creativity” will explore the particular way that time moves – or stands still – for a variety of outsider and mainstream artists. An art therapist, a philosophy of science professor, and an artist will converge to spark a conversation about the beguiling relationship between time and creativity.”

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