Original Sin: The Visionary Art of Joe Coleman


With essays by Jim Jarmusch, Harold Schechter, John Yau. NY: Heck Editions, 1997. Full-color (50+) and b&w art reproductions; b&w photos; and includes the artist’s own “interpretative keys” to 19 of the 28 paintings presented in the volume.

Limited Edition: cloth, limited to 100 (bookplate signed by the 3 essayists in addition to Joe Coleman; also, special photographic print affixed: a pickled head in a jar, from the artist’s Odditorium.

First printing: 5,000 trade paper, 500 cloth; second printing: 3,500 trade paper, 500 cloth.

The Man of Sorrows


Richmond, VA: Gates of Heck. Illuminated text in gold ink on black paper by Joe Coleman. 18 full-color die-cut tipped-in details from the artist/author’s 1993 painting of the same name. Limited to 2,000 numbered copies, handmade.

Deluxe Collector’s Edition: Boxed Artwork (9 x 12 x 15 inches, clamshell box, slipcased): signed and numbered and including full-size 50-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of Man of Sorrows and a handmade reliquary containing Coleman’s hair and a tattered piece of shirt from one of his explosive performances (limited to 100).

Cosmic Retribution: The Infernal Art of Joe Coleman


Seattle/Portland, OR: Fantagraphics/Feral House,. Edited by Adam Parfrey and Pat Moriarity, with an introduction by Robert Crumb. Includes 32 full-color art reproductions; line drawings; b&w photos. Simultaneous paperback and cloth (Limited Edition available: bookplate signed by the artist laid in). First printing 5,000 trade paper, 500 cloth; second printing 2,500 trade paper.

The Mystery of Woolverine Woo-bait


NY: self-published. Prefatory statement: “About the Author of the Mystery” by Manuel DeLanda. Full-color stapled wrappers, 11 x 14 inches. 32 pages pen and ink graphics interior; includes “Clues to the Mystery” by the author at inside back cover. 2,000 copies.

The Joe Coleman Portfolio of Steel Tips


NY: Bagginer/Bachner. Six plates; 8 x 11 inches; pen and ink on glossy card stock. Portraits of Steel Tips band members: Joe Coleman (aka “Mad Dog, Wild Man of Borneo”), Michael McDonnell, Patrick McDonnell, Karen O’Connell, Tom O’Leary, Stanley Du Thomas. approx. 500 copies printed.

The Joe Coleman Portfolio


NY: Bagginer Productions. Ten prints; graphite on paper; 8 x 11 inches. Unbound, collected in plain folder illustrated by Coleman (front: “Atomic Radiation Victim” plus 2 bubbled notations: “White Screams” “Meat Two” [as the portfolio is thus sometimes commonly known]; verso: a contemporary self-portrait above artist’s handwritten “contents”.)

Includes: One: “Storms”; Two: “Suburban Family”; Three: “Angus Grund ‘1961’”; Four: “Maison Joie”; Five: “Rough-Trade Yoot”; Six: “Disgussing the Brogan”; Seven: “Shack Fever”; Eight: “Scuppers Are Human”; Nine: “Someplace in Nowhere”; Ten: “Edward Mumford M.D.” approx. 500 copies printed.

The Midget World of Venus #Won


NY: Walter Bachner mini-comics. 8 pages, folded, 4 x 4 inches. approx. 100 copies printed. 10 hand-colored by the artist.

Bunkers of Mars by Mad Dog Joe


NY: Walter Bachner. 4 sheets stapled, 8 x 11 inches. (“only 13 sense”) approx. 100 copies printed.