Art Featured on Books, Records etc.

Rue Morgue


"The 20 Year Legacy of Henry: featuring John McNaughton, Michael Rooker, and Joe Coleman". Cover art: Poster art for Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

Panzram: A Journal of Murder


Los Angeles, CA: Amok Books, 2001. Cover: Portrait of Carl Panzram (1993).

Apocalypse Culture II


edited by Adam Parfrey. Los Angeles, CA: Feral House, 2000. Cover: Ecce Homo (1994).

The End Is Near!: Visions of Apocalypse, Millennium and Utopia


Companion book to the American Visionary Art Museum exhibition of the same name, with essays by Roger Manley, Stephen Jay Gould and The Dalai Lama. Also included work by Paul Laffoley, Howard Finster and Others.

The EXIT Collection


Art and writing from EXIT magazine edited by George Petros. Chicago: Tacit, 1998. Reprints Joe Coleman’s “Dance of Death” (from EXIT no. 2) plus a small pen and ink portrait over Nietzsche quote (p. 270).

The End Is Near!: Visions of Apocalypse, Millennium, and Utopia


texts by Roger Manley et al. Los Angeles, CA: Dilettante Press, 1998. Includes full-page contemporary profile portrait of Coleman in addition to four works in full color: Ticket to the Ghost Train (1992); Ecce Homo (1994); The Victory of Hell (1995); and Faith (1996).

[Note: limited edition (pressing of 500) book insert available: 9 x 9 in. card-stock print featuring Coleman’s Faith, announcing “special exhibition of works” (those included in The End Is Near!) in 1998 at Hennessey + Ingalls Bookstore in Santa Monica.]



American Nightmare. Berkeley, CA: Wingnut Records, 1998 (CD, cassette, and vinyl). Jacket art by Joe Coleman: Divine Comedy (1993); note printed addition to the painting: band name and record title given in faux Coleman style.

Beneath the Empire of the Birds


by Carl Watson. Baltimore, MD: Apathy Press Poets, 1997. Cover: City Medical Patrol (1988) Illustrated throughout (opposite chapter title pages) with details from: The Loyal Daughter (1989); The Seven Deadly Sins (1989); The Couple That Slays Together Stays Together (1990); The Waiting Room (1990); and God Bless Us Everyone (1992).

Angel with a Criminal Kiss


Jeri Cain Rossi. London: Creation Books, 1996. Cover: Son of Sam (1979).

Fetish 69 - Purge


Phone intro on "Kickback" and spoken words on
"Waiting Room" by the New York painter/performing
artist Joe Coleman. Cover: detail of Waiting Room.