Asia Argento & Friends at Salo/Paris


Asia Argento presents two nights of perfomrances featuring, Joe Coleman, Lydia Lunch, Anthony Bourdain and more,.

One on One installation


Visitors entered a room in total darkness. A bright light shines on a man sitting at a table and painting toy soldiers. The table is covered with a brutal battle scene.
Joe is portrayed by an actor.

Bit Rare Fiend


A 42-second short film directed by Joe Coleman based on outtakes from the autopsy scene in R.I.P.: Rest in Pieces.

Retinal Stigmatics: An Evening With Joe Coleman


A live multimedia midnight mass. Fantasia Festival, Toronto, Canada.

Someplace in Nowhere


"Festspillene-Bergen International Festival" Bergen, Norway May 30th and 31st, 2001 Joe's "opera" performed with original score by norwegian band, "Motorpsycho"

Someplace in Nowhere


Coleman’s opera. A film created by Coleman featuring his paintings. The first section, of humanscapes, was accompanied by the music of Carlo Gesualdo, Coleman’s favorite medieval composer and performed by a live choir, The Clerk’s Group. The second section, of portraits, was accompanied by specially composed music performed live by of The Delgados. “Outsider/Music” at the Barbican Theatre, London England.

The Coleman/Ward Wedding


The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore on 11/11/00. Marriage as spectacle, celebration, and performance art. Trapeze artists, dwarves, sword swallowers, guests in costume, and catered delicacies— only of foods with their heads still attached. A ventriloquist’s dummy performed the ritual.

Click HERE to view a slideshow of the wedding.