Catalogue Raisonné

A comprehensive list of every Joe Coleman painting since 1978.
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The Big Bang Theory

Acrylic on panel, with explosives-related items affixed to frame, mounted on an exploded shirt, 28 x 34 in.
Private Collection

The Mad Hatter [Boston Corbett]

Acrylic on panel, with customized plastic toy soldiers affixed to frame, 28 x 34 in.
Collection of Adam and Flora Hanft

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Acrylic on panel, 11 x 16 in.
Collection of Ann Nathan

Love Song

Acrylic on panel, with reliquaries and mounted on a bedsheet, 34 x 28 in.
Collection of Joe Coleman and Whitney Ward

Public Enemy No. 1 [John Dillinger]

Acrylic on panel, 28 x 34 in.
Collection of James Corcoran

The Book of Revelations

Acrylic on panel, collaged with bloodstained miniature Bible pages, 28 x 34 in.
The Cartin Collection

The Philosophy of Humbug [P. T. Barnum]

Acrylic on panel mounted on clown costume, 28 x 34 in. (variable)
Collection of Candice Groot

A Picture From Life’s Other Side [Hank Williams]

Acrylic on panel, 34 x 28 in.
Collection of Mark Parker

In the Realms of the Unreal [Henry Darger]

Acrylic on panel, mounted on a child’s pajamas, 28 x 34 in.
Collection of Kaws

Mermaid Creature [Whitney Ward]

Watercolor on paper, with plastic monster parts on frame, 9 x 6 in.
Collection of Whitney Ward