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R.I.P. John Zacherle

The Coleman family mourns the death of our dear friend John Zacherle

R.I.P. Herschel Gordon Lewis

The Coleman family mourns the death of our dear friend Herschel Gordon Lewis

Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man now available on demand

Joe Coleman plays the title character in this burlesque horror thriller.

You can rent the film here:

Outlaw Bible of American Art

Joe and his work are included in this examination of outlaw art. Alan Kaufman is a critically acclaimed novelist, memoirist, poet and author of the groundbreaking "Outlaw" anthologies. The fourth and latest in the series is The Outlaw Bible of American Art. Documenting movements from the Post-war to the present, it is a revolutionary art world alternative canon of marginalized or famed autodidactic paint-slinging loners who followed their own outrageous, sometimes catastrophic, visions to the heights of fame or the depths of neglect.

Joe's performance work featured in "Avant Garde from Below"

Clemens Marschall’s book Avant-garde from Below: Transgressive Performance from Iggy Pop to Joe Coleman and GG Allin is an account, through the 20th century and beyond, of a dangerous bastardisation of punk spirit and avant-garde theory.

Joe Coleman and Paul Laffoley

Paul Laffoley R.I.P.

The Coleman family mourns the death of their dear friend Paul Laffoley.

Coleman participates in Panel Discussion on Time and Outsider Art

As part of the New York Outsider Art Fair, Coleman participates in a panel discusion
January 19, 2016 at NeueHouse.


Photo: Katharine Gates

Joe's Portrait of Whitney Ward to be Unveiled in Miami

In an unprecedented moment, Joe's latest painting will be unveiled in an exhibition curated by Jeffrey Deitch called "Unrealism" in Miami. The life-size painting of Coleman's wife Whitney Ward took four years to complete and has never before been shown. It will be displayed alongside Coleman's own life-size self-portrait, which was completed in 2010.

The "Unrealism" show is a joint project of Deitch and gallerist Larry Gagosian. In addition to Coleman, the show will include works by David Salle and John Currin, among others.

Cruel Tale of the medicine Man

"Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man" premieres

Joe plays the title character in this burlesque horror thriller.

See the trailer here

See a write-up in the New York Times here

You Can't Win

Joe will be at the Brooklyn Book Festival 09/20/15

To celebrate the re-issue of "You Can't Win" (with Joe's cover art and illustrations inside) Joe Coleman will be signing books at the Feral House booth at the Brooklyn Book Fair on Sunday, September 20, 2015 from 2-3pm.

See more about the book here: