The End is Near!

May 5, 1997 to May 5, 1998

American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore. Three paintings.

Wild Flees/Proud Flesh

October 10, 1996

(dates approximate) Haarlem, The Netherlands. “DeVishal,” exhibition during Striptagen. Three paintings.

Deep Inside: The Art of Porno

September 20, 1996 to December 20, 1996

The Musée d’art Contemporain Pornographique, Lausanne Switzerland. One painting.

Cult Rapture

September 9, 1993 to October 9, 1993

(dates approximate, if you know them please let us know) Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle. Six paintings. Exhibition celebrating the Feral House book of the same name, included work by Jack Kevorkian, Charles Manson, and others.

Psychedelic Solution Gallery

September 10, 1992 to November 10, 1992

(dates are a guess... please let us know if you have better info) New York, NY.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery

October 10, 1990 to November 10, 1990

(dates are a guess!) Los Angeles, CA.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery

January 1, 1989 to January 30, 1989

Los Angeles, CA.

New Works

October 10, 1988

(dates are a guess) Todd Capp Gallery, New York.

Center on Contemporary Art

October 10, 1987

(dates a guess) Seattle, WA.

New York Academy of Art

October 10, 1987

(dates are a guess) New York, NY.