Frequently Asked Questions

What size are Joe's paintings?
Most are about 28 x 34 inches including painted frame.
What medium does he use?
He paints in acrylic on panel.

What size brush does he use?
His smallest brush is a single hair.

How long does it take him to make a painting?
In the 1990s and early 2000s he took around three months per painting. His most recent painting took four years to paint.

How does he plan and execute a painting?
See the Work in Progress slideshow.

How do I buy a painting?
Joe Coleman is represented by Andrew Edlin Gallery.

Where can I buy Joe Coleman books, prints, etc.?
There are links to retailers of Books, Prints and posters, and Records and DVDs, in our "In Print" area. We also have a few prints available in our STORE

Where is the Odditorium?
The Odditorium is in Brooklyn, NY.

Can I come visit the Odditorium?

Where do I send fan mail?
Joe does not have email, sorry. You can send offerings to
Joe Coleman
P.O.Box 1320
Gracie Station
New York, NY 10028

Did he really blow himself up?
Yes. Read about it on our Performance pages.

Is he really a geek? I mean, is a guy born that way?
Listen, kid, when you hang around this carny a little longer, you'll learn to quit asking questions.