Original Sin: The Visionary Art of Joe Coleman


With essays by Jim Jarmusch, Harold Schechter, John Yau. NY: Heck Editions, 1997. Full-color (50+) and b&w art reproductions; b&w photos; and includes the artist’s own “interpretative keys” to 19 of the 28 paintings presented in the volume.

Limited Edition: cloth, limited to 100 (bookplate signed by the 3 essayists in addition to Joe Coleman; also, special photographic print affixed: a pickled head in a jar, from the artist’s Odditorium.

First printing: 5,000 trade paper, 500 cloth; second printing: 3,500 trade paper, 500 cloth.

The Man of Sorrows


Richmond, VA: Gates of Heck. Illuminated text in gold ink on black paper by Joe Coleman. 18 full-color die-cut tipped-in details from the artist/author’s 1993 painting of the same name. Limited to 2,000 numbered copies, handmade.

Deluxe Collector’s Edition: Boxed Artwork (9 x 12 x 15 inches, clamshell box, slipcased): signed and numbered and including full-size 50-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of Man of Sorrows and a handmade reliquary containing Coleman’s hair and a tattered piece of shirt from one of his explosive performances (limited to 100).

Cosmic Retribution: The Infernal Art of Joe Coleman


Seattle/Portland, OR: Fantagraphics/Feral House,. Edited by Adam Parfrey and Pat Moriarity, with an introduction by Robert Crumb. Includes 32 full-color art reproductions; line drawings; b&w photos. Simultaneous paperback and cloth (Limited Edition available: bookplate signed by the artist laid in). First printing 5,000 trade paper, 500 cloth; second printing 2,500 trade paper.

The Mystery of Woolverine Woo-bait


NY: self-published. Prefatory statement: “About the Author of the Mystery” by Manuel DeLanda. Full-color stapled wrappers, 11 x 14 inches. 32 pages pen and ink graphics interior; includes “Clues to the Mystery” by the author at inside back cover. 2,000 copies.

The Joe Coleman Portfolio of Steel Tips


NY: Bagginer/Bachner. Six plates; 8 x 11 inches; pen and ink on glossy card stock. Portraits of Steel Tips band members: Joe Coleman (aka “Mad Dog, Wild Man of Borneo”), Michael McDonnell, Patrick McDonnell, Karen O’Connell, Tom O’Leary, Stanley Du Thomas. approx. 500 copies printed.

Bunkers of Mars by Mad Dog Joe


NY: Walter Bachner. 4 sheets stapled, 8 x 11 inches. (“only 13 sense”) approx. 100 copies printed.

The Joe Coleman Portfolio


NY: Bagginer Productions. Ten prints; graphite on paper; 8 x 11 inches. Unbound, collected in plain folder illustrated by Coleman (front: “Atomic Radiation Victim” plus 2 bubbled notations: “White Screams” “Meat Two” [as the portfolio is thus sometimes commonly known]; verso: a contemporary self-portrait above artist’s handwritten “contents”.)

Includes: One: “Storms”; Two: “Suburban Family”; Three: “Angus Grund ‘1961’”; Four: “Maison Joie”; Five: “Rough-Trade Yoot”; Six: “Disgussing the Brogan”; Seven: “Shack Fever”; Eight: “Scuppers Are Human”; Nine: “Someplace in Nowhere”; Ten: “Edward Mumford M.D.” approx. 500 copies printed.

The Midget World of Venus #Won


NY: Walter Bachner mini-comics. 8 pages, folded, 4 x 4 inches. approx. 100 copies printed. 10 hand-colored by the artist.