Professor Mombooze-o performance


Hotel Amazon, New York, NY. (A “midnight horror show” featuring the Professor, see Anthony Haden-Guest essay in The Book of Joe.)

Lecture about the artist’s paintings and comics


Yale University, New Haven, CT.

Pranks! TV


Produced by RE/search Publications, San Francisco. Andrea Juno interviews five of the featured artists in the Pranks! book, including Coleman, Karen Finley, Boyd Rice, Frank Discussion and Mark Pauline. Features rare footage from early Mombooze-o performances.

Professor Mombooze-o performance


Cuando Theater, New York, NY.

The Uncle Floyd Show


Coleman as “Mad Dog” performs with Steel Tips, The Uncle Floyd Show (New Jersey cable TV)

Professor Mombooze-o performance


Wooster Gallery, New York, NY.

Where Evil Dwells


Written and directed by Tommy Turner and David Wojnarowicz. Coleman plays Satan to Rockets Redglare’s Jesus. (Video release is censored; at one point a geeking Coleman is pictured on tape with the proverbial black bar over his face.)

Coleman exploding at about 9:30.

Professor Mombooze-o at The Kitchen


The Kitchen, New York, NY. First art-world performance as exploding geek Professor Mombooze-o. (See description in essay by Haden-Guest.)

Ten-year high-school reunion


Performance as Doug Sprag, Oceanside, Long Island. Coleman impersonates a deceased class member, exploding and disappearing at the end of the evening. Police arrive to find that the perp has been dead for years.

Uncle Ted’s Ghoul Show


(Pennsylvania cable TV) Coleman cameos on the set as a “monster robot” and Rondo the Self-Decapitating Wonder.