Lectures and Interviews



A documentary about serial killer art collector/dealer Rick Staton by Julian Hobbs. Coleman appears as a talking head, along with his own collection and some of his paintings.

"Original Sin" lecture and film screening


during “Original Sin” exhibition, Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, CT.

Lecture followed by performance by Hasil Adkins


American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore.

Clayton Patterson Presents: Joe Coleman


Staten Island, NY: M/W/F Video Club. Verité video portrait by Patterson (created in 1989), including excerpts from performances and a brief tour of the subject’s Odditorium of the era; (originally aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network).

An audience with the artist


Q&A at UK launch party for Original Sin, Horse Hospital, London.

R.I.P.: Rest in Pieces


Directed by Robert Pejo, Prisma Films. A feature-length documentary about Coleman and his art, with appearances by Hasil Adkins, Jim Jarmusch, and Harold Schechter. Distributed to theaters in New York, Los Angeles, England, France, Austria, Mexico, Japan, and elsewhere.

"End is Near!" lecture


American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD.

"Cult Rapture" lecture/screening


Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA.

Amok Press Presents: The Archive of Doctor Mombooze-o


DCTV, New York, NY. Coleman allows to be screened publicly for the first time his private collection of rare 16mm hardcore porn films and autopsy/homicide investigation tapes.

Lecture and screening at The Werkstattkino


Munich, Germany. See above.